Sign Up For Water Today!

Our initiative needs participation from as many residents and businesses as possible. If you have not signed up and paid your $75.00 $50.00 deposit, please do so now.

Please note that our newest approach in 2019 that is associated with a closer partnership with Central Arkansas Water will require a smaller deposit amount per their current process for new customers. The deposit of $50.00 is required to accept your application and all persons wanting water, new or those that have signed up previously, will need to submit an application for water on the new CAW for that is attached at the bottom of this page for you to download.

A key element of our success in bringing public water to Ferndale will be the ability to show high participation from the community for our proposed water project. It helps us with planning down the road (water meters) but more importantly, it shows an estimation of committed future customers that will be necessary to help us secure grants and financing to install our project.

Please note that if you are sending an application on the revised form but have already paid your $75.00 deposit in the past, you do not need to pay the deposit again. Your original deposit would be transferred to CAW when the project starts, if it is approved, and the difference of $25.00 will be credited toward you first bill.  No money is lost in this change.

How to Signup:

  1. Click the link below to access the meter agreement form.
  2. Print the form and fill it out*
  3. Send the completed form with payment for a $75.00 $50.00 deposit


West Pulaski Public Water Authority

24710 Kanis Road
Little Rock, Arkansas 72223


*An online form is not yet available because the document requires a signature and deposit payment to complete your application.