Central Arkansas Water Board Approves West Pulaski Water Expansion Project

Central Arkansas WaterCAW West Pulaski Water Expansion Project

BREAKING NEWS: Today, the Central Arkansas Water Board of Commissioners passed a resolution of intent to serve the west Pulaski and Ferndale area! This means CAW, working with West Pulaski Public Water Authority (WPPWA), has taken the next steps to expand the system and distribute safe and dependable drinking water to residences and businesses who want it. Thank you to the community and WPPWA for your confidence in CAW. There’s still time to sign up! If you want CAW water, complete one of the applications you received by mail. They can also be found here: http://www.carkw.com/…/west-pulaski-county-residents…/ You may mail or email (communications@carkw.com) the signed contract back to CAW. We will continue to keep you updated and informed on each step of the process. Please join the CAW West Pulaski Water Expansion Project Facebook group and invite your neighbors.CAW and its employees are excited about the opportunity to provide safe, high-quality, dependable water to your community. We look forward to answering your questions, eliminating your concerns, and earning your trust.

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