Water Update 3/8/2019

Water Update 3/8/2019

Update on Status of the work of WPPWA (West Pulaski Public Water Authority)

The Water Board met Thursday, February 28 to discuss the upcoming meeting with ANRC (Arkansas Natural Resources Commission).  We are on the agenda for March 20 at 9:00 at the offices of ANRC on East Capitol Street.  In the event our presentation is taken off the agenda, the next meeting is in May.

Our application has been completed by our engineers, Bill Dean and Mike Marlar and is in the hands of ANRC for review.     This application becomes a part of the overall presentation.   Once we receive approval, the process of obtaining financing can begin.   Some of the necessary funds are provided by CAW (Central Arkansas Water) and some from ANRC.     The current estimate of the entire project is approximately $17 million dollars.   The project covers an area with tie on points at Stewart and Burlingame and a point south of Highway 10 on Ferndale Cutoff.   The lines will be laid the length of Burlingame Road; the length of Walnut Grove Road from Burlingame to Kanis and to those applicants on Walnut Grove on the other side of Kanis that aren’t already supplied.   The line will continue from Walnut Grove west on Kanis through the 4-Way to the Saline/Pulaski County line.   At the 4-Way, the line will run south to the 4-H Center and north to the tie-on point south of Highway 10.  The other roads which have applications in place will also receive service.  These would include the Roberts Rd area, Garrison Road, Studer Rd., Bandy Rd., Carnation Rd., etc.    Eventually, our project will be joined to the Paron Water Project, which is also a CAW supplier of water.

We have gathered deposits and applications for some time now.  Those funds are deposited in an Escrow Account for the WPPWA.    Each customers’ bill will include a debt reduction amount along with the charge for water usage.    The debt reduction amount is directly affected by the overall number of applications that we receive.  The more water users there are, the less each user’s share of the debt reduction will be.   It is imperative for those property owners who have not yet sent an application and deposit to do so right away.  Currently the residential deposit amount is $75.00   However, the Water Board will soon have to establish a cutoff date, at which time the deposit amount will be increased.   The date and the amount are at the discretion of the Board.

Thank you all for your participation and patience on this project.

West Pulaski Public Water Authority

Elaine K. Jones


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